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Steakhouse Steaks- Sear in the Rear (Reverse Sear)

picture from americastestkitchen.com

picture from americastestkitchen.com

My girls think I marinate and cook the best steaks on the entire planet (their words, not mine).  I know their palates are young, though certainly not indiscriminate, but I won’t argue the fact I grill a mean steak; still, there’s always room for improvement, perfection is rarely at hand.

After endless hours and trials of trying to cook THE perfect steak and getting darned close, but not quite there, I finally came across an article on my favorite grilling site, amazingribs.com.  Turns out, all of this time, I’ve been doing it wrong with trying to first sear and then cook to proper done-ness.  Still working on this technique but it worked amazingly well, especially for it being my first run out of the gate.

I marinated my steak, which I know some consider a sacrilege, but really?  Un-marinated meat tastes like meat.  I don’t get the whole “appreciate the flavor of the meat.”  Ewww.  I still want to taste meat but I want some flavor in there with it.  I went with a simple marinade, some Italian dressing, a generous dash of tamari sauce (dark soy sauce), a double-generous dash of  Worcestershire sauce, then a heavy dash of garlic powder before going on the grill.

From that point, follow the instructions below (from amazingribs.com) and turn out theee most de-lish-us steaks ev-ah. YUM!

Get your grill temp up to 225.

Grill meat until it reaches an internal temp of 115 (with lid closed).

Slather on some fat- beef fat, oil, butter- something tasty and fatty. Not the time to go Skinny Cow, folks. Blot excess liquid from the top; excess liquid will prevent delicious caramelization.

Remove meat from grill while you crank it up and get it as hot, hot, hot as possible.

Put your steak back on the grill, leaving the lid open, wait about 3-4 minutes,long enough for the entire surface to get evenly brown -way better than grill marks!- (plus, it will allow time for the steak to un-stick itself from the grill grates).

Flip steak (to a part of the grill not yet used), hit completed side with some more fat, repeat the above step.

Remove steak from grill, rest it if you wish.




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This entry was posted on June 12, 2012 by in grilling, steak.

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