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Matcha Fruit Bavarois

picture from sweetsayuri1213. multiply.com

picture from sweetsayuri1213.


  •     1 oz powdered (unflavored) gelatin
  •     4 tbsp water
  •     3 egg yolks
  •     1/2 cup fine white sugar (pulse in food processor)
  •     1 tsp cornstarch
  •     pinch of salt
  •     1 1/4 cups milk
  •     1 tbsp matcha
  •     2 tbsp brandy
  •     1 cupfresh cream
  •     fresh bananas, blueberries, mangoes, pineapple , and strawberries
  • blackberry passion fruit syrup, as desired


1. In a bowl, mix the gelatin and water, place the bowl in a pan of hot water, and mix until the gelatin dissolves.

2. In a separate bowl, combine the egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, and salt, and stir until the mixture turns whitish.

3. Heat the milk in a small pan until it is lukewarm.

4. Mix the matcha and 2 tablespoons of warm milk and stir briskly until the paste becomes smooth. Set aside.

5. Add the rest of the milk to the egg yolks and cook over low heat, taking care not to let the milk boil as the yolks will harden. Remove

from the heat and cool slightly.

6. Add the gelatin, matcha paste, and brandy to the milk, and mix. Place in a large bowl of iced water to let it cool to room temperature.

7. Lightly whip the cream and gently fold into the mixture. Pour into individual glasses and refrigerate until set (at least 2hrs).

8. Serve topped with fresh diced fruits and passion fruit syrup.


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